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Bulk Container

Transport of dry bulk solids

Bruhn Spedition uses containers of different specifications in European intermodal traffic.

By effectively combining trucks, trains, inland vessel and sea going vessel, Bruhn Spedition offers reliable shipping solutions for bulk solids.

The use of modern equipment and our expertise ensure safe transport from the consignor to the consignee's silo.

Our bulk containers are suitable for the transport of granulates and powders and are available in a variety of lengths (20’, 30’ and 40’) and types:

- Pressurised Silo Containers
- Unpressurised Bulk Containers
- Liner Systems
- High Cube Units for light products
- Maximum number of manholes for maximising payload
- Lightweight Aluminium Bulk Containers
- Suitable for foodstuffs
- Suited for shipments of highly sensitive goods

Bulk containers also serve as inexpensive interim storage facilities.