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Discharging Equipment

Starch/ granulate

Clip-on pumps for unloading of dry powder bulk or granules, for example starch or plastic. Air conveying is produced by a permanently fixed blower, by a compressor fixed on the truck or directly from the plant.


30' Tipping Chassis with pull-out rotary feeder at the tail end, for unloading of PVC powder and plastic granules. Fine filter for cleaning the air conveying fixed at the chassis side. Low-section tire for road transport of 9'0 high cube container.

40' Tipping Chassis for unloading of 40' pressurised silo container, with locking bar for 20' and 30' container.

30' Special Tipping Chassis with additional bracing in the front for unloading container without truck, electricity connection 24 volt / 380 volt.

Liquid Discharge Pump

Rotary piston pump for liquid foodstuffs. Assembled in a protective stainless steel cabinet for multipurpose operation. Electrical drive with variable adjustable rotating speed.

Working pressure limited by integrated pressure valve. Suction-/ pressure-pipe connection with 3” Kamlok coupling.

Easy cleaning of complete system.