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General Cargo

Packaged Goods: General cargo, part and full loads

Bruhn Spedition combines truck, train and ship carriers into an effective and environmentally-friendly network for shipping goods in both containers and trailers.

The focus of our activities in the area of general cargo, part and full loads, are the Northern and Eastern European routes, especially the markets Baltic States, Finland and Russia.

Bruhn Spedition offers transport to destinations in Finland, Norway and Sweden from the German sea ports Hamburg, Lübeck and Kiel, as well as via the western ports of Amsterdam, Antwerp, Gent, Le Havre, Rotterdam and Zeebrugge.

Shipments to Russia and the Baltic States are routed by sea and land using our own container and trailer equipment as well as with approved freight carriers.

We also offer daily full loads overland to and from France, Poland, Ukraine and Belarus.

ADR and IMDG classified and temperature-sensitive goods are integrated into our system.

We have our own temperature-controlled transports trailers.

Bruhn Spedition is a member of SIM CARGO, a Europe-wide cooperation of more than 260 medium-sized logistic companies.


Bruhn Spedition is a member of "Verein Lübecker Spediteure e.V."