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New Address is since 27.12.22 


D- 23570 Lübeck 

A few weeks ago, after heavy rain, there was a flood disaster – in western Germany and also in our neighbouring countries, including Belgium. Many towns and villages were destroyed, people lost their lives.  

We want to help:
We donate 500,-- euros per employee of the Bruhn Group to the aid organizations in the respective countries. Donations are exclusively earmarked for the flood disaster.  

In view of the reports from the disaster areas, we must be grateful not to be affected by these terrible incident.

On 11th May we successfully participated in the first part of the Vocatium Online-Fair. A lot of interested soon-to-be trainees came to virtually get in touch with us and to get to know our company. The second part of the fair will take place on 01 June 2021, which we will also be attending. We are looking forward to experiencing a second get together with our future generation.

Lena Arp-Stapelfeldt & Mesut Bingöl


Bruhn Spedition will be supported by the Regional Economic Programme at the trade fair “transport logistic” in Munich from 04th – 07th of May 2021.


Today marks the day in 1995 on which “Willy Bruhn Söhne Internationale Spedition” in Lübeck and Antwerpen started a new chapter in their history and became “Bruhn Spedition”. We are extremely happy to celebrate 25 years of success and dedication, say thank you to our many valued customers and partners for their continued support and look confidently into the future.